TAMS Marine Data Analytics

Welcome to the Era of Smarter Ships, Intelligent Insights and Actionable Alerts

Data is Useful, but Intelligent Analytics is Valuable

Make every decision count! Get TAMS Marine Data Analytics and empower your decisions with game-changing technology


Real time access to information

The crew of your ships has complete knowledge of various parameters – how much cargo is loaded, what conditions the machines are in, what speed the ship is doing and the vessel’s exact route. With Marine Data Analytics, you have real-time access to all these datapoints.


Intelligent insights

Don’t rely on passive data gathering. Move to predictive analytics. Powerful algorithms – dig deeper


Communicate directly with the machines

IoT – Sensors replace human input of data – removes human error or manipulation of data


Intelligent alerts for actionable items

Will check that the necessary spare parts in advance and raise an alert to procure them.
It will also check the Manning software to know 3/E is signing off in 1 month and escalate the alert to C/E


Condition based Maintenance

Avoid breakdowns will check the parameters of the running engine and recommend over haul a month early based on condition of the machine!


Data Crunching

Avada has you covered and includes sliders for regular images and videos, or beautifully animated slides, or post sliders. Layer Slider, Revolution Slider, Fusion Slider and Elastic Slider!

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Monitor ships in near real time

  • View individual vessel movements

  • Predict cargo flows

  • Remove cost inefficiencies

  • Avoid breakdowns

  • Access live ship parameters

  • Awesome Widgetized MegaMenu

  • Unlimited Colors / Skins

  • Condition based maintenance

  • One Page Parallax For Any Page

  • WooCommerce Design Integration

  • bbPress Forum Design Integration

  • Font Icons Instead of Images

  • Eye-Catching CSS3 Animations

  • Boxed or Wide Per Page/Post

  • Extensive Doc & HD Videos

  • Top Notch Support Service

  • Constant Updates & New Features

  • Incredible Shortcode Options

  • Custom Menu Per Page/Post

  • Font Awesome Icon Integration

  • Advanced Typography Options

  • Strong SEO Base Built In

  • Unlimited Sidebar Creation

  • Multiple Custom Widgets

  • Four Premium Sliders

  • Fully Optimized For Speed