Introducing the World’s First
100% Online Rest Hours Solution

No IT Support Needed from Your Team

No Installation On-board Required

Single View for Ship and Shore

Comply with rest hours rules by ILO, MLC 2006, STCW 2010, OCIMF | Automatically add flag regimes: Japan, US OPA 90, HKMD

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Switch to the Most Comprehensive Work and Rest Hour Software

Created by Mariners, For Mariners

Created by people who understand the marine industry, our rest hours software includes everything you need to achieve compliance with rest hours rules of MLC 2006, STCW 2010, and much more. The interface is intuitive and makes it very easy to plan work and rest hours. Being 100% cloud-based, you can get instant alerts for non conformities and monitor rest hours status across your fleet in real time.

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Real-Time View from Ships to Shore

Our rest hours software is 100% cloud based and enables shore office review of data in real-time. View the overall status of rest hours compliance across your fleet and drill down as much as you like into the data of any ship.

  • Real-time data from all ships
  • Instant reports for audits
  • Different dashboards for superintendents and fleet managers
  • Highlights fleet-wide action items
  • Set up fleet-wide alerts for NCs
  • Course correction in the event of an NC
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When We Say Cloud-based Installation, We Mean 100% on Cloud.

No training is needed. Your crew can begin using our rest hours software from Day One.

No involvement of your IT team is required. We provide complete support via WhatsApp, Emails and Phone. Reduce your costs in fixing issues and free up your IT team resources.

Review data in real-time. Super easy to prepare and print audit reports.

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Compliance in a Click

Out-of-the-box compliance with intricate rules and their exceptions for MLC 2006, STCW 2010, OPA 90 rules.

Standout features:

  • Highlights NCs. Track compensatory rest hours.
  • Identify crew who can be assigned tasks without violating regulations.
  • Calculate overtime.
  • Automatically manages time adjustments due to International Date Line (IDL) crossing.
  • Easy to handle short breaks and mealtimes.
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More Reasons to Switch to TAMS Rest Hours Solution

Unmatched Support

  • support100% human support from experienced and friendly executives
  • supportDedicated project manager for onboarding
  • supportMulti-channel support desk – WhatsApp, Emails and Phone Calls
  • supportReal-time support for high priority tickets

Surprisingly Low Training Overhead

  • oneClickIntuitive user interface
  • cloudOn-screen instructions at every step
  • videoCapsule sized training videos.
  • copyExhaustive user manual

Get Access to Real-time Rest Hours Data with 100% Cloud-Based Software

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