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Need of the Hour: Analytics & IIoT

The maritime industry has evolved rapidly over the past decade. While on one hand international regulatory bodies have become more stringent, on the other hand ship owners and charterers need to focus on reducing costs and increasing efficiency on the ships. Access to real-time data and making sense of the information at your disposal have become the need of the hour. This is where The Ark Marine Data Analytics offers a robust solution.

Data is Useful, but Intelligent Analytics is Valuable

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Real time access to information

The ship’s crew has complete knowledge of various parameters – how much cargo is loaded, what conditions the machines are in, what speed the ship is doing and the vessel’s exact route. Now, you can have real-time access to all these datapoints.


Communicate directly with the machines

By implement IIoT, powerful sensors replace the human input of data. By doing so, you can access inputs from any machinery on board, any time you want, while eliminating the possibility of human error or the conscious manipulation of data.


Intelligent alerts for actionable items

IIoT helps generate intelligent alerts, well in time. For instance, it can check the necessary spare parts in advance and raise an alert to procure them. Or it can check the manning software and send an alert to the Chief Engineer about the 3/E signing off in a month.


Condition based maintenance

With sensors and alerts, issues can be identified early, breakdowns can be avoided, and downtime can be reduced. For instance, it can check the parameters of the running engine and recommend an overhaul a month early, based on the condition of the machine!


Intelligent insights

Don’t rely on passive data gathering. Move to predictive analytics. Powerful algorithms crunch the data and present it in a user-friendly way, such that the most relevant information can be readily accessed. This helps proactive and better decision making.


Increase Efficiency & Reduce Costs

The world of analytics and IIoT helps optimise vessel operation, streamline processes and remove inefficiencies. For instance, it can help monitor speed, keep engine room machines is good condition and significantly lower fuel consumption.

The Many Benefits of The Ark Marine Data Analytics

  • Monitor ships in near real time

  • Generate data from any machine

  • Use sensors to eliminate human error

  • View individual vessel movements

  • Predict cargo flows

  • Gain access to intelligent alerts

  • Avoid breakdowns

  • Access live ship parameters

  • Condition based maintenance

  • Remove cost inefficiencies

  • Reduce fuel costs

  • Enable on-time decision making

  • Gain insights to power decision making

  • Drill deeper into any parameter

  • Pull data for any date range

  • Gain a deeper understanding of mishaps

  • Enhance safety for seafarers

  • Protect the environment

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

  • Optimize operations on the ship

  • Analyze lapses in charterer requirements

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Veinland provides some of the best hardware to collect data from the bridge to the engine room. We have installed their hardware on our customers’ ships and built custom solutions around the same. We have managed to complete installation in 8-hour port stays, a feat that would have been impossible without their brilliant systems!


Harting’s MICA (Modular Industry Computing Architecture) provides a robust platform to collect data from tough environments on ships. It is certified to perform dependably in the most rigorous industrial environments. Harting’s focus on IIoT creates an amazing partnership and lays the foundation for great products for our clients.

National Instrument

National Instruments is a world leader in measurement, instrumentation, data acquisition and control technologies. We use NI’s highly flexible tools to provide customized products like a fully automated bilge and sludge management system for ships. This has allowed us to deliver the most modern tools to even the oldest of vessels.

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