TAMS Rest Hours Planner (Lite)

Welcome to the Lite version of the World’s First 100% Online Rest Hours Software.

It’s FREE Forever | Needs ZERO installations onboard | No Registration/Email ID Required

This screen can be used to plan the work and rest hours for a future date by selecting that date in the calendar. The working hours can be updated at any time to ensure that the actual working hours for any perticular day are entered in the system.

Need a single view of all ships in your fleet on a single dashboard in office?

Plan for 14 days of work and rest hours in advance

View all NCs as per MLC 2006 and STCW 2010 regulations

View details of each NC for making an informed decision

Download report instantly and reset to plan to again

Use in 3 Simple Steps

01Choose a starting date on the calendar by clicking on it. The tool helps you plan work and rest hours for up to 14 days.
02Drag mouse on the timeline to fill Rest Hours for each day. Every day has 48 cells – 30-minute periods for 24 hours.
03Click buttons below the calendar to download Work & Rest Hours Report and Non-Conformities Report.
  • To view the type of NC, hover the mouse on an Orange cell.
  • Reset button allows you to start planning again.

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The TAMS rest hours software makes it super easy to plan work for the crew in compliance with regulations. Being 100% cloud based, it offers a real-time view of non-conformities in each ship. The shore office can review the overall status of rest hours compliance across their fleet on a single dashboard, and drill down as much as desired into the data of any ship.

Category Features Full Version Lite Version
Installation and Maintenance No installation of any hardware on the Ship or Shore
No IT support needed from your team
24X7 support via WhatsApp, Emails and Phone
Compliance In-built compliance with rest hours rules by MLC 2006 and STCW 2010
In-built compliance with rest hours rules by OCIMF
Automatically add flag regimes: Japan, US OPA 90, HKMD
Plan & Track Plan work and rest hours 2 weeks in advance
Highlights nonconformities (NCs)
Group tasks to all crew members with a single click
Identify crew who can be assigned tasks without violating regulations
Single View for Ship and Shore Single dashboard to monitor rest hours status across the fleet in real time
Real-time data from all ships
Highlights fleet-wide action items
Set up alerts for non-conformities
Reports Instant audit reports
Overtime reports

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