BNWASOur BNWAS is tamper proof. It has a main unit containing the microprocessor controller. This requires the OOW (officer on watch) to reset a customizable timer at regular intervals. In case the OOW does not reset the timer, an alarm is sounded on the bridge. In the absence of a reset even after visual indications and the sounding of the alarm, a series of alarms is set off at different locations on the ship. The intervals between alarms can be customized depending on the size of the ship and other factors.

Our BNWAS prevents ship accidents in the event of the possible incapacitation of the OOW.

Our BNWAS: Differentiators

  • The systems connects directly to a PC for easy viewing of logs
  • The main unit has separate visual indicators for tampering, malfunction and power failures
  • The system has separate output indicators for tamper, power failures and malfunction
  • The indicators can easily integrate with the central alarm panel or management system
  • Manufactured by an ISO 9001:2008 certified company
  • Selector unit for backup officer

Features of our BNWAS


  • DNV Certified
  • IMO, NMEA, IEC 62616 compliant
  • Keyswitch security protected
  • Easy installation
  • Motion detector models
  • Waterproof reset units for bridge wings (in select models)
  • Wireless communication module (in select models)
  • Variable light intensity for visual indication
  • Volume control and tone selection (in select models)
  • Three-way operation mode
  • Six hour battery backup for emergency operations
  • Adjustable reset time limits
  • Emergency call option
  • Event logging facility
  • Status indicator for tamper and system failure
  • RS422 port
  • Any number of remote reset
  • Automatic revert to internal battery in case of power failure

According to SOLAS regulations, all passenger and cargo vessels are required to have a BNWAS (bridge navigational watch alarm system).