Regular ship inspection is crucial to ensuring the continued safe and efficient movement of your fleet. The vessel inspection checklist is a powerful tool for detailed condition and risk assessment, especially for oil and gas tankers.

Why Ship Surveys and Inspections

When your oil tanker is on the move, it is at the mercy of the ocean. Even the smallest of defects or malfunctioning can lead to catastrophic consequences. Such deficiencies can lead to oil spillage, damage to the vessel and its equipment or even loss of life, translation to millions of dollars in losses. Ship surveys and inspections ensure the oil or gas tankers are safe and compliant with safety regulations.

Why Vessel Inspection Checklist

With a comprehensive ship inspection checklist, companies can ensure a proactive and preventive approach to managing their fleet of oil tankers. A well-maintained vessel will complete the voyage on time and with maximum fuel efficiency. Use a vessel inspection app that comes preloaded with checklists and forms, and can be customised to general reports in your company’s format.

SIRE Vessel Inspection Checklist for Oil and Gas Tankers

SIRE (Ship Inspection Report Programme) refers to a set of standards provided by the OICMF (Oil Companies International Marine Forum) to identify operational deficiencies in ships. Conducted by tanker owners and operators, SIRE is a tanker risk assessment tool to determine the ship’s safety and is valuable for ship charterers, ship operators, terminal operators, and government bodies. Make your ship SIRE inspection ready with the TAMS Remote Vessel Inspection Solution that comes preloaded with checklists and forms.

Vessel Inspection Checklist for Oil and Gas Tankers

Any vessel inspection checklist should encompass:

  • General information
  • Navigation
  • Communication
  • Safety management
  • Crew management (including rest hours compliance)
  • Pollution prevention
  • Cargo and ballast systems
  • Mooring
  • Engine and steering compartments
  • General appearance and condition
  • Cybersecurity

Download Vessel Inspection Checklist for Oil and Gas Tankers

You can download the vessel inspection checklist for oil and gas tankers here. Find out more about remote vessel inspection with preloaded checklists and forms.