Designed to be compliant with the SOLAS requirements, our BNWAS comes with all required cable end and connectors. The installation includes identifying the units and connecting the cable according to the preconceived plan.

The installation procedure is simple and can be handled by the ship’s staff, with active and close support from our team on shore via the telephone or email. This drastically reduces the installation costs. We have associations with distributors worldwide, which allow us to offer complete installation by authorized personnel at ports across the globe.

After Sales Support for our BNWAS

The TAMS team is closely associated with the marine industry and understands the tight schedules of ship operations as well as the stringent regulations governing it. We work hard to ensure that the process is speedy, transparent and simple. Our focus is on reducing downtime and ensuring smooth functioning. We value your time and offer 24×7 telephonic and email support. The engineers on-board can contact our support center any time to resolve any issue with the system or its installation.

Our BNWAS has a modular design, which helps in troubleshooting and replacement. Our network of distributors is available to visit the ship for troubleshooting, if required. We deliver spares and replacement parts to various ports within a reasonable timeframe.

Our BNWAS – Cost Effective and Compliant

Looking for a cost effective, yet highly functional and compliant BNWAS? Get a DNV certified BNWAS that can be directly connected to a PC for viewing logs.

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