Vessel Inspection Checklist for Oil and Gas Tankers

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Regular ship inspection is crucial to ensuring the continued safe and efficient movement of your fleet. The vessel inspection checklist is a powerful tool for detailed condition and risk assessment, especially for oil and gas tankers. Why Ship Surveys and Inspections When your oil tanker is on the move, it is at the mercy of the ...

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OCIMF’s Covid-19 Pre-Boarding Questionnaires

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OCIMF (Oil Companies International Marine Forum) has provided temporary guidelines to conduct Vessel Inspection during Covid-19. As per these guidelines, the Inspector coming on board and the Operator of the vessel must complete and exchange covid-19 pre-boarding questionnaires. Covid-19 Pre-Boarding Questionnaire by Inspector Here’s the Covid-19 pre-boarding health questionnaire provided by OCIMF. The Inspector must fill ...

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Dive into Rest Hours Rules on Ships

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Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping (STCW) 2010 aims to establish a common international agreement on training, certification, and watchkeeping standards to promote safety and wellness of life, property, and environment at sea. STCW Chapter A-VIII/1 (Fitness for duty) puts forward the requirements related to work and rest hours. Let us understand each of these ...

Top FAQs for Rest Hours in the Marine Industry

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We’ve been helping ships ensure rest hours compliance for years. Over the years, we’ve come across a host of questions about the MLC 2006 and STCW 2021 rest hours regulations. So, we’ve compiles some most frequently asked ones. If you don’t find an answer to your question, comment below and we will send you an answer. ...

Rest Hours: The Crucial Fuel for Your Fleet

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A ship that carries complex machinery and has human sustenance as the responsibility, really needs sailors to put in every ounce of their energy. The tediousness of sea jobs puts fatigue as the major concern. Various research findings show fatigue as a significant culprit in many shipping accidents. Fatigue on-board is a factor of the rest ...

How to Choose the Best Rest Hour Software

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You know what they say about all work and no play. The only problem is that if Jack is dull on a ship, it could lead to disaster! Fatigue has been linked to errors in judgement, which could impact the safety of the entire vessel and its crew. This is why rest hour regulations are stringent ...

The Shipping Industry Overcomes its Teething Troubles with Technology

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Hey Google, call John. Alexa, turn on my lights. Cortana, add a conference call to my calendar. Hey Siri, text Mary I’m running 5 minutes late for the meeting. Just a few years back, we couldn’t have imagined saying something like this to machines. Technology has radically changed the way we get things done. It was ...

Understanding the Work Hours and Rest Hours Requirements on Ships

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Not all of us can be Jack Sparrow and commandeer the Black Pearl. Most of us operating a maritime business are more like the Ancient Mariner but the albatross around our neck is compliance. Regulations might be difficult but following them can enhance efficiency and productivity on ship. One such category of regulations is work and ...

Technology Helps Steer the Shipping Industry Through Covid-19

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On March 29, 2021, tugboat horns blared across the Suez Canal in celebration of the end of the six-day blockade caused by the MV Ever Given. The blocking of one of the busiest trade routes in the world was just another challenge that the shipping industry had to face, against the backdrop of a raging pandemic. ...

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