The time that your ship spends at the dry dock should not leave you high and dry! The TAMS Dry Dock Management System is an online software package that has been designed specifically for planning the plethora of tasks required to be undertaken when ships are in Dry Dock. The easy exchange of data and information ensures enhanced communication, forming a vital connection among the needs of the vessel, the shore-based management office and the vendors. With seamless communication, the effort into preparing the final list of dry dock activities is minimized.

The module also enables easy data exchange with the TAMS Planned Maintenance System (PMS) to incrementally integrate the jobs for dry dock. It enables the easy upload of drawings. The dry dock activities suggested by the ship’s staff can be approved online by the superintendent. The RFQ can be generated promptly and vendors solicited via email. The module allows dry docks to quote directly, reducing the effort into communication. The TAMS Dry Dock Management System has an inbuilt algorithm that helps to determine various scenarios as well as do a cost benefit analysis. The module offers insightful information with the storage of historical data and trending.

Salient Features of the Dry Dock Management System

  • Assists in the projection, estimation and planning of a ship’s budget
  • Real time and enhanced communication between ship and shore
  • Compilation of the various activities done during the dry dock
  • Integration with the PMS software for incremental updates of the dry dock tasks
  • Online integration with Dry Dock Vendors
  • Allows easy recording of task details, including reports and images
  • Allows an RFP to be sent to vendors
  • Allows vendors to log into the system to clarify doubts on specific tasks
  • Allows vendors to place quotations for each of tasks
  • Generates a Comparative Analysis Report to aid with the selection of Dry Dock Vendor
  • Generates a Purchase Order for the selected Dry Dock Vendor
  • Enables the parties to amend the scope of the tasks with a vendor
  • Comprehensive analysis of previous dry dock events of the ship and sister vessels