The TAMS Voyage Management System ensures that data collected on the ship is easy to record and recall. With a template that is highly customizable, the software makes it convenient to access and trend the various data recorded on board. The TAMS Voyage Management module combines the noon report data and the ER log book to provide a comprehensive view of a ship’s operating conditions to all the stakeholders, such as the shore-based management office and charterers.

The TAMS Voyage Management System has been custom designed for the marine industry, with inbuilt intelligence that provides various KPIs (key performance indicators) to ship operators. The ship-to-shore communication module aids in data and information exchange between the ship and the shore. The flexibility in data collection, data analysis and trending offers highly customized business intelligence that meets an individual ship manager’s specific needs.

Salient Features of the TAMS Voyage Management System

  • Real time and enhanced communication between ship and shore
  • Ease in making Charter Party reports
  • Historical data for consolidated voyage performance
  • Customised KPI (key performance indicators)
  • Graphical representation of data for easy comprehension and holistic view
  • Cross functional data trending and analysis