All of us have got stuck in those tricky situations where the turbo charger surges at a certain load and we are wondering whether to look at the exhaust temperature or the scavenge pressure or the pressure before and after the water cooler – Machine Data Analytics (MDA) can be at your service where you need to monitor multiple data points for a machinery over a specific period of time under varying loads.

Our versatile data logging systems can be setup quickly on board to give you a detailed analysis of how these parameters relate to each other. This helps you monitor a specific component’s health/performance over a short period in time.

With a quick setup time, this can be installed even during your voyage thereby not affecting your time at ports. You could utilize this service  and monitor all the components of your ship during a voyage to help make the maintenance decisions before dry docking. The options to use this service are many and this could be the help you need when stuck in tricky situations.