If you ever wished that the ten year old ship that you are sailing on had the latest technology in place which comes with the new builds of today then you are all set to upgrade your ship with the TAMS’ Tailor Made MDA. This could help you get engine parameters from the generator prime mover to the control room or even the chief engineer’s cabin.

TAMS Tailor Made can even be used to enhance the systems on the latest vessels by bringing in equipment like real time monitoring of the boiler water and dosing the chemicals in real time to keep everything ship shape. The ship builder probably did not help you with an option to monitor the fresh water and sea water inlet and outlet temperatures to keep the fresh water maximised through different engine loads and sea temperatures, but we can!

In general the ship’s central control system monitors the critical parameters on the critical machinery, however, there are other parameters which could help manage these monitor these machines better e.g. sound and vibration often help raise an early warning prior to the temperature and pressure values that we typically measure on ships. A lot of rotating machinery which is monitored by listening via a scope (or a screwdriver at times!) can be monitored better via accelerometers. Most of these equipments require sophisticated monitoring & analysis tools to prevent from unexpected failures which cannot be provided by the existing control systems on board the ship.

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